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Support for multiple UNC paths


It would be nice to have a menu item to get an UNC path of file/folder shared on my own computer.

For example, I have a folder C:\Photos which is shared as "Photos". And I want to get a string "\mycomputer\Photos" as a result of choosing "Copy Shared UNC path" menu item.

Although, the same file/folder may be shared many times, e.g. I can share C:\Photos as "Photos" and in the same time the root of my disk C:\ as (for example) "Drive_C". So, it would be nice to have a submenu in this case to choose desired path from items \mycomputer\Photos" and \mycomputer\Drive_C\Photos".

Of course, there is no need to have two different menu items "Copy Long UNC Path" and "Copy Shared UNC Path" for the same file. The file can be located either on the local disk or on a network share, in the first case "Copy Shared UNC Path" item should be shown, in the second - "Copy Long UNC Path".
Closed Jul 17 at 2:02 AM by clechasseur


pachakamaq wrote Aug 23, 2012 at 3:50 PM

Surely, this is a feature, not issue. Unfortunately i can't switch a type, sorry

clechasseur wrote Aug 23, 2012 at 4:12 PM

In fact, the "Copy long UNC path" command already does that. It works for both locally-shared files and files on network drives.

The only thing missing would be to allow the user to choose which share path is the correct one, as the command currently selects the first one it finds in the registry and goes with that. Not sure of the best way to do it under the current framework though... I'll leave this open and will think about it.