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Advanced UI for custom commands


Internally, custom commands are more powerful than what the Settings application currently allows you to build. They support multiple find/replace operations and reordering of operations. The Settings application should have an "advanced" mode to allow editing a custom command with these features
Closed Jul 17 at 2:03 AM by clechasseur


Javaru wrote Apr 27, 2016 at 8:42 PM

To an use example use case to this request... I'd like the ability when creating a Custom Command to be able run multiple Find/Replace. My use case is that I want to copy a relative path and convert it to Java Package notation, and drop the file extension. For example, given:
I want to get
To do this I need to run three find and replaces:
replace .*\src\main\java\ with nothing
replace .java with nothing
replace \ with .
I can understand having an upper limit on the find and replace (say 6 or 8) to prevent performance issues. But more than one would be very useful. I think the best UI approach would be to have an add button to add the "next" find and replace.