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support for DFS?


DFS is a method for server farm setups to redirect a certain folder (or maybe a file?) to some different server and file share location. this helps organizing a whole company network on a single root server while still being able to split the true data storage across a bunch of machines including access rights management and even doing re-configurations for whatever reasons the server farm admins might have (replacing servers, extending storage, managing storageq quality and backup strategies, splitting or merging datasets, ...)

DFS can be understood similar to the functionality of symbolic links that are allowed to pointing even beyond any computer system boundaries but with the end users at the clients not much beeing much aware of the true nature of the real storage.

querying the true network path location of a folder or file is helpful in several cases, e.g. when mounting a local drive letter for a windows system (that sometimes might choke when using a full length path that contains a DFS redirection at some depth level of the path).

see here for more info, e.g. on the programmatic access to DFS information:

is it possible for PCC to access those extra information in a fashion that adds an option to automatically get the true server location for a DFS redirected path? (having this functionality as a close neighbor or derivate of the "Copy long UNC path" function might end up in something like a "Copy long UNC path (true DFS-target)" function.)
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